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Janai's Dad, Mark, left home when she was just six years old. He had struggled to find a job that would support her, her mother and younger brother Isaiah but was constantly met with obstacles that left him feeling frustrated and hopeless. Everywhere he turned, opportunities turned to failures and he eventually began to drink and use drugs to cope with deep feelings of shame and inadequacy. He felt that he had failed in so many areas of his life and was filled with regret. Sharon, the mother of Mark's children, was furious to be left alone to raise their young children and would not allow him to visit until he was able to support them financially.

Isaiah missed his father and eventually began to have behavior problems in school. He felt that his father did not love him anymore because he never came around. Janai was angry that her father had deserted the family. She had frequent arguments with her mother and often skipped school to hang out with friends. Sharon was forced to work two jobs to support herself and her children. She experienced high levels of anxiety and depression and had little time or patience for her children.

One day Mark ran into a friend on the street who suggested that he go to UIH Family Partners, affectionately known as "Fatherhood", for some help. Mark was skeptical but he made an appointment with a client services specialist for the following day. That day was the day that his life began to turn around. Mark received the mentoring and support that he had needed for so long. He was referred to a treatment center for his substance abuse and had weekly appointments with a trauma therapist at UIH. He began the Bridges to Success program and became a certified warehouse associate earning $20 per hour. Mark is currently attending parenting classes and receiving guidance and support toward meeting his child support obligations. He now visits with his son, Isaiah, weekly and is working on a relationship with his daughter, Janai.

There is hope for the future of this family.

UIH is "Building a Foundation of Hope for the Future" one man, one father at a time. Your gift today supports strong, healthy futures for children and hope for families.
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